Each year a Business Case or Cases will be developed to support the Case for Change that has come about due to the items of work identified in each IRC’s Four Year Work Plan. The Business Case will validate the work and further explore the issues through targeted consultation with stakeholders.

Business cases detail:

  • information about the review (including the methodology and the outcome)
  • the industry supported case for change and expected impact of the change, including on the industry sector and on the VET sector
  • an assessment of the benefits and estimated costs to industry and the VET sector expected from the proposed change/s, including an assessment of impact on productivity if the change is not made
  • the extent to which cross industry competencies can be used to support skills outcomes for the industries covered
  • an analysis of the risks identified by both the relevant industry sector and the VET sector and the mitigation strategies to be put in place to manage those risks
  • any external impacts such as the regulatory environment or changes to industry practice which are driving the proposed change
  • recommendations on whether a qualification is suitable to be delivered as a traineeship or an apprenticeship arrangement, providing evidence of consultation with state and territories and evidence that their views have been considered
  • advice about industry’s expectations of training delivery (including expectations around the duration of training, mode of delivery, work-based learning strategies and learner characteristics).

The development of a business case, including scoping the research and analysis, industry engagement and writing, will be carried out by the SSO, under direction of the IRC, in accordance with an activity order provided by the department.

At the completion of the review work, the SSO will prepare a business case for IRC approval. The business case, once approved by the IRC, will be submitted to the AISC through the department. The case will be assessed by the department before advice is provided to the AISC for their consideration.

Click here to view the Automotive 2016-2017 Business Case.