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Auto Business Cases and Work Plans

The Australian Industry and Skills Committee has established a new model for developing and maintaining training packages, placing industry at the centre of the process.

Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) drive the process of training package development and are made up of people with experience, skills and knowledge of their particular industry sector. IRCs are responsible for ensuring that training packages meet the needs of employers and they have a direct relationship with the Australian Industry and Skills Committee.

Between 2011 and 2016 Auto Skills Australia worked with Industry and the Automotive IRCs to develop and maintain the Automotive Industry Training Packages. The AUR and AUM Training Packages specify the skills and knowledge required for workers to perform effectively in the Automotive Manufacture, Retail, Service and Repair industry sectors.

The following documents are provided as historical documents of the work undertaken in support of the Automotive IRCs.

Four Year Work Plans
Under the guidance of the original eleven Automotive IRCs, ASA have developed individual Four Year Work Plans for each committee’s sector of the industry. The Work Plans provide a snapshot of each sector and detail the Training Package development work planned over the next four years.

To view the IRC’s Four Year Work Plan click below.