Who are we?

Auto Skills Australia (ASA) is directly funded by the Australian Government to support the Automotive Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) in reviewing and developing the automotive industry’s national training package qualifications in Australia.

ASA is a Limited Company and is led by a Board of Directors who have a deep understanding of the skill needs of the industry while providing a critical focus on the corporate governance needs of the business.

What do we do?

ASA provides a secretariat service to ensure the IRCs are able to operate in accordance with the Industry Reference Committees Operating Framework for the development of Training Packages, and includes project (training package review and development), information (website and communications) and operational (meetings and reporting) management for all the IRC’s activities.

ASA seeks guidance of and follows the directions given by the IRCs, ensures independence of the decisions and decision-making processes of the IRCs, actively supports the IRCs to understand the benefits, risks and impacts of their deliberations, facilitates engagement across industry and the training sector, and provides negotiation and dispute resolution to mediate and arbitrate between conflicting industry views and between members of the IRCs to achieve outcomes.

ASA also complies with any recommendations or guidance provided by the Australian Industry and Skills Committee.

How you can engage with ASA

ASA provides a detailed program of its business operations and strategic plans through its website. The website provides multiple access points through which individuals, enterprises and other stakeholders can provide feedback to ASA and achieve input into the national vocational training system.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to engage with ASA and contribute to the development of national vocational qualifications for Australia’s automotive industry.

E info@autoskillsaustralia.com.au